BOWMORE 1957 38YO 40.1% – 70CL ISLAY BTL 104 OF 861

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Bowmore 1957

Distilled back in January 1957, this was matured in Bowmore’s Number one Vault. The whisky was matured for 38 years and then bottled due to the risk of the liquid falling bellow 40% ABV. So this has been bottled at a natural cask strength, which is a missleading statement when 40.1% is the alcohol by volume.

The bottle is presented in a crafted wooden box which has it’s own lock and key, and a spare key in a velvet pouch.

The bottle and its box are in perfect condition.

This is bottle number 104 of 861.

Bowmore is Islay’s oldest distillery, and home to the world’s oldest whisky maturation warehouse, the No. 1 Vaults. It’s in this legendary warehouse that Bowmore whisky has been meticulously matured by our master distillers for nearly 240 years.

The first recorded mention of Bowmore Distillery dates from 1779, but speak kindly to a few of the older islanders and they’ll maybe whisper a rumour or two that distilling started here some time before that.

Certainly Bowmore’s founder, the merchant David Simpson, bought the land in 1766. Exactly what happened in the years in between is anyone’s guess!

When it comes to whisky heritage, Bowmore Distillery is unrivalled. We continue to hand down the traditions, skills and expertise that were crafted in the earliest days of Scotch whisky.

Amid Islay’s wild beauty, the fierce seas and Hebridean winds, we’ve been making single malt Scotch whisky at Bowmore since 1779. Working with the finest quality oak casks, and a tradition that’s been passed down through generations, our master distillers use just three ingredients to make Bowmore single malt Scotch whisky: barley, yeast and water.

It’s a process that’s been perfected over nearly 240 years. An unrivalled heritage, the soft fresh water from the nearby River Laggan, barley, painstakingly cultivated yeast, and the magnificent character of Islay all come together to create our Bowmore single malt Scotch whisky.

And it’s in our legendary No. 1 Vaults, the old stone warehouse that sits on the edge of Loch Indaal, that the magical character of Islay and centuries of tradition patiently combine to create a whisky that stands out for its balance, complexity and beauty.

Before any of that happens, however, our distillery team expertly prepare the ingredients then distill the spirit that will become Bowmore single malt Scotch whisky, starting at the Malt Barns …