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Ardbeg 1974 Provenance

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Ardbeg 1974 Provenance 55.6% 70cl

The Ardbeg distillery has had, over the years a rather chequered past sadly resulting in the distillery being in need of some restoration. In February 1997 Glenmorangie PLC acquired the Ardbeg distillery with the sole intention of recommissioning it and restoring it to it’s former glory.

To commemorate the rebirth of the Ardbeg Distillery they produced a very special limited edition bottling. Hand selected some of the finest casks from the 1974 vintage year and bottled them at their natural cask strength. At the same time these casks were laid down, the distillery was in splendid production and the maltings were in full swing.

Official Tasting Notes:

Nose: The nose is truly memorable. Simmering peat, almost oily in its composition with a rich bourbon character unaccustomedly weighed down under with heavy smoke. An intense malt with the peat and oak very much in evidence but balanced.

Taste: At the start the malt is soft but then the smokiness beings to intensify. Powerful cocoa which constitutes the centre stage of the whisky’s personality which is chewy and enormously deep and powerful. Bourbon is clearly in evidence.

Finish: The finish is long and complex, even by Ardbeg standard. The deep and rich start to the malt has now settled down a little declaring the oak and malt with just a hint of of fruity ripeness. At last the smoke comes through, perked up with a touch of pepper and gently followed by the bourbon oakiness which finally signs off.

Comments: Hold on to the palate for as long as you can and you will be in no doubt what makes Ardbeg so very special. It has a high quality aged-bourbon character which teams up with a delicate malt and powerful peak – a touch of class.