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SCAPA DISTILLERY 12YO 40% abv 70cl

This bottle is being sold on behalf of a private client.  As it is older, the packaging and closure may have deteriorated, so care should be taken with transportation, storage and opening of this bottle. The bottle is sold as seen and described, we do not accept liability for the state of the packaging or closure.  Additional photos are available on request. No Vat.

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A bottling from the late 1990’s

Scapa was founded in 1885 and used to be known as the only truly ‘unpeated’ Island malt. The majority of the distillery’s production goes into blends including Ballantine’s. Often described as the ‘other Orkney whisky’, Scapa is one of the two last distilleries using a Lomond still, this one has had the rectifier plates removed to produce a classic pot still style of spirit.



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