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SCALASAIG Blended Malt


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This blended malt comes from the Colonsay Island within the Inner Hebrides. It takes its nameĀ from the port, and village Colonsay BeveragesĀ is based.

Island Hopper whisky is made from 10 single casks of carefully hand-selected Single Malts: some heavily peated and some lightly peated. Some light and fruity, others rich and dark to create a flavoursome and smooth blended malt. There were 3,000 bottles made.

Bottled at 43% abv.


Tasting Notes

Nose: Smoked sweet teriyaki cured meats with a hint of spice and dried cake fruits.

Palate: Rich and robust. Warming hints of exotic spice, dried fruits and dark liquorice. Enveloping it all are the bold burning embers of a peat fire.

Finish: Salty sea breeze, sweet and warming with waves of maritime smoke.



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