ROSLIN DISTILLERS An Gearasdan Blended Scotch 40% abv 700ml

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by Roslin

We were approached by the Ben Nevis Race Association early 2022, mainly due to Colin’s long association dating back to 1983, asking for help in looking for someone to provide Whisky miniatures for the race event being held 3rd September 2022. As this was proving difficult for both the race association and us, we decided to take the bold step of having our own Blended Scotch Whisky produced and using this to support the race.

We had previously registered the trademark “An Gearasdan” and we had discussed using this for a blended whisky with some rough ideas for labelling etc. Thus, it was decided to progress with the Blended Scotch Whisky named An Gearasdan, Gaelic for Fort William.



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