NC NEAN DISTILLERY Organic Single Malt 46% abv 700ml


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Nc’Nean is a young whisky distillery started by Annabel Thomas on her family’s farm in Drimnin, accross the water from Tobermory. The distillery was designed by the late Jim Swan and uses long fermentations to produce an estery spirit. In fact they have two recipes: one brighter, meant to be bottled young, and another one aimed at longer ageing.

Bottled at 46% abv.


Tasting Notes

Nose: Playful, sweet and fruity. Nectarines and peaches mostly, with added notes of yellow apple. In the background there’s a grainy / grassy layer. A candied note (maybe marshmallow) and orange peel. Smooth fragrant aromas as well, like honey and lightly floral oak.

Palate: Sweet again (peach, vanilla custard), with obvious young notes, grainy touches and a big citric side with mint. A bright springtime character, smooth and simple. Then you get the usual charred oaky note of an STR cask, with aniseed, liquorice and allspice.

Finish: Not too long, still sweet, very malty and fruity.



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