HOUSE OF MCCALLUM Mc Warrior Single Malt – Port Cask Finish


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House of McCallum whiskies are due to Antony McCallum, malt master, master blender and whisky producer. Trained in a prestigious Scottish distillery, Antony McCallum offers truly intriguing whiskies, aged mainly in wine and / or rum barrels, designed for both amateurs and collectors. The McCallums are one of the oldest Scottish families, so much so that they also include the first kings of Scotland in the family tree. Malcolm I, for example, the first King to unite the Pictish and Scottish tribes, was a McCallum.
Mahogany color to the eye. On the nose there are hints of dried fruit and notes of chocolate and figs. On the palate it is full, decisive and vigorous.

Bottled at 43.5% abv.

Natural Colour

Non Chill Filtered



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