GLENMORANGIE DISTILLERY 10yo 40% abv 70 cl (Handcrafted by the Sixteen Men of Tain bot. 1990’s est.)

This bottle is being sold on behalf of a private client.  As it is older, the packaging and closure may have deteriorated, so care should be taken with transportation, storage and opening of this bottle. The bottle is sold as seen and described, we do not accept liability for the state of the packaging or closure.  Additional photos are available on request.(Read More)

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An old and rare bottling of one of the most iconic scotch whiskies the world over. This comes with a gorgeous old-style tin featuring this whisky’s tenants: Cadboll barley, Tarlogie spring water, American white oak, and the Tallest stills.

Bottled at 40% abv.


Tasting Notes

Colour: Bright, pale amber

Nose:  Delicate, sophisticated and clean. The key notes are floral, rather than cereal, perhaps mandarin and vanilla, with light hints of honey. A leading Parisian perfume house has identified no less than 26 individual aromas in our malt, from apple and mango to cinnamon and quince

Palate: First note the feel of the spirit as it slides over your tongue: creamy, but not cloying; clean and slightly dry on the back of the palate; medium-bodied. The flavour is well-balanced: no single feature dominates.

Finish: Rich and satisfying with a medium-bodied yet lasting sense of comfort.



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