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GLENFARCLAS DISTILLERY 105 60% abv 70cl (est. 2005/6)

This bottle is being sold on behalf of a private client.  As it is older, the packaging and closure may have deteriorated, so care should be taken with transportation, storage and opening of this bottle. The bottle is sold as seen and described, we do not accept liability for the state of the packaging or closure.  Additional photos are available on request.(Read More)

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From the range of Glenfarclas this is a very affordable bottle of cask strength whisky. It has no age statement and is distilled at 60% ABV. Mine is a somewhat older version, it is production run L040906 311200BB so it is the old style bottle from 2006 (see picture). The label gives you not much more info then this so let us start tasting this particular dram. The glass used is the Libbey Tasting Glass. The colour is mid amber with a glow.

The nose: Hefty alcoholic nose at thirst, the 60% will get to you in a powerful way, pressing the sherry notes somewhat to the background. Oh there is sherry on the nose, but this one needs time to open up (or being helped by adding some water). After a while and getting used to the alcohol you will find very nice sherry notes, gentle raisins with some sweetness also, but I think I’m getting a smell which remind me of Oriental cooking ingredients without being able to pinpoint which one (some sweet and sour-ish style).

The taste: You won’t be able to take large sips due to the outward going alcohol power. A nice small sip brings, diluting it within your mouth gives you a quite pleasant creamy sherry taste. It is not as dry as you would suspect, but it is even kind of sweet. After a while it is exploding in your mouth with hints of dark fruit and some nutty flavours.

The finish: At this ABV you would suspect a dry mouth feel, but to my surprise it isn’t. It is like there is a somewhat oily film layered in your mouth protecting you from the power of a high ABV Sherry dram. It finishes very pleasant in very smooth sherry tones combined with some sweetness.

The Balance: To me the alcohol level is somewhat to overpowering in the dram, I like to bring it down a bit, but even then this is a dram to enjoy during a long time. It is surprisingly sweet with nice sherry and nutty tones accompanied with some dark forest fruits, even somewhat oriental influences arrive in the distance.

(Courtesy of GJR’s Whisky Blog)



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