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On the banks of the Angerman River in Adalen, northern Sweden, lies the former Box Power Station. Once used to supply electricity to the largest timber floating station in the world, the factory fell silent in the 1980s and lay derelict until it was bought in 1991 by artist, Mats De Vahl and converted into an art gallery.

Many years later, Mats visited Scotland with his brother Per. So inspired were they by the nation’s whisky, they decided to create their own distillery back home. After years of planning, their dream finally came to fruition when spirit ran from the Box stills in December of 2010.

Bottled at 46% abv.


Tasting Notes

Colour: White wine

Nose: Light peat with apples, lemons, pears, and green grapes. Vanilla and caramel with a hint – a smattering – of turpentine.

Palate: Sweet with lots of caramel and vanilla. There are oak spices and a bit of pepper. Salted fruit slices and a bit of peat.

Finish: Medium length with lots of salted caramel, oak spices, and a bit of peat.



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