ARDBEG DISTILLERY Kildalton 2014 46% abv 70cl

This bottle is being sold on behalf of a private client.  As it is older, the packaging and closure may have deteriorated, so care should be taken with transportation, storage and opening of this bottle. The bottle is sold as seen and described, we do not accept liability for the state of the packaging or closure.  Additional photos are available on request. (Read More)

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This beautiful bottle has, at its heart, three purposes.

Firstly, to honour our forefathers who cherished their community and created the High Cross of Kildalton. This enduring monument, carved by ancient hands in 750 A.D., stands today under the protection of generations past and future, testament to the craftsmen who gifted their legacy to us.

Secondly, the malt is about creating a legacy with our partner, His Royal HIghness’s North Highland Initiative. The Initiative has the objective of promoting and strengthening the people, places and products of the rural areas of Scotland.

Lastly, we hope that this unique whisky offers you, its owner, a memorable and unique taste of Ardbeg to enjoy with your friends.

Bottled at 46% abv.

Non chill filtered


Tasting Notes

Colour: Deep gold

Nose: A beautiful seductive, exotic bouquet with hints of smoked apricots in syrup, salt and pepper seasoning, and some soft, creamy vanilla. This leads to a symphony of smoky and herbal notes, like woodsmoke, tar, menthol and fennel. A little water releases more volatile top notes, like pine resin, vetiver root, coriander, liquorice, and curious soapy notes.

Palate: Soft and sappy, gently coating the tongue. The explosion of firm, robust, flavours is unquestionably Ardbeg – coal tar, soap, aniseed, peppermint, espresso coffee, sweet barley malt, and a lingering aromatic smokiness.

Finish: A lovely length that is both fresh, with menthol, and spicy, with hints of allspice, clove, and bitter almonds, finally revealing a distant vanilla essence sweetness.



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